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Subject: Donny Chapter 6This is a work of fiction and any resemblence to persons missing, alive,
dead, or otherwise is possibly accidental. It is also possible that this
kind of story is against the law in your area so be careful, you never know
when someone may be watching. You must be eighteen years old to read this
drivel, so if you aren't then don't read this drivel.Please send comments, critisisms, ideas to the author at I appreciate the feedback I have already received,
and am willing to accept more. Some suggestions have been encorporated
into the story already.Thanks, Alienist, for your insight and help. Hope your life treats you
very well. And don't work so hard, we miss your sparkling words.
Chapter 6
I walked out of Donny's room to the kitchen to begin fixing lunch, my
mind whirling with what had transpired in the last hour or so. My word,
what had Donny's life been like? It seems like he has been sheltered from
any information whatsoever about love, sex, and maybe even human biology.
It was obvious to me that he had been taught in some manner that love and
sex were the same thing. But how can I teach him what love really is? And
how can I keep from succumbing to his advances? Do I really want to? Yes! I called from the kitchen "How does toasted cheese sound?" "Great" was the response from his room. "Good. After you get some clothes on print out the shopping list and
we'll go over it again while we eat." "Okay, Tom." Donny came into the free teen blowjob videos kitchen a few mintues later wearing an oversized
tee shirt. I couldn't tell if he also had shorts on, but I didn't say
anything. "Don't need any silverware, we can use our fingers for this." free teen sex vids
"Okay" he said and sat down at the kitchen table placing the printed
list between him and my usual chair. The sandwiches were soon ready, and I
dug out some chips to go along with them. "Here you go. Dig in. Have you thought of anything else we need to
add to the list?" "Nope. Ah, Tom? free teen angel porn
"Yeah." "I do need some new underware. What I have are getting a little small.
Can I get some boxers? All the kids at high school wear them now." "Sure, You can get any kind you want, except maybe thongs. teen girls pussy I don't
think those would be appropriate at school." I grinned at Donny. Donny giggled, "I don't know russian schoolgirl teen porn what thongs are." "Oh. Well, thy're little things with a pounch in front and a string
that goes up your crack to the waist band." "Eeww. That sounds like a wedgie." "Pretty much so. I can't stand them myself." "Oh, so you have tried them, huh?" The lecherous grin was ear to ear. "In my younger days, when I was foolish and willing to try anything.
And no cracks about my age. I'm not over the teen porn star sinful hill by any means." "Is that the second or third hill?" trying to look innocent. "All right, guy. You are asking for it. If I didn't have a rule about
rough housing at the table, I would turn you over my knee." "Oooh, promises, promises." We continued to banter back and forth. I wanted to keep the mood
light, especially after what we had just gone through. Plus I wanted Donny
to feel more comfortable with me, show him that free nude teen thumbs
I was not a bad guy. We finished our sandwiches, and I let Donny finish the chips, before
more serious teen male porn star questions. sexy porn teen girl "So, how is school?" "It's okay." "Okay, so what classes are you taking?" Donny rolled his eyes like I was the dumbest person on earth.
"Freshman English, Freshman Math, History, Science, Spanish, free teen blowjob videos
Architectural Drawing." "No P.E. or fun subjects?" "Nope. Well, the Architectural Drawing is fun. It's my one elective
this year. kotrean teen porn P.E. is not required, so I didn't take it." "When I went to school it was required. That was where we had sex
education." "Sex Ed is a separate class now. But my Dad wouldn't sign the
permission slip. Said he would teach me everything I needed to know." It
was like a dark cloud entered the room. "Oh. So how do you learn all those dirty words? Like penis, vagina,
anus, and ejaculation?" "Huh?" "You don't know what those words mean?" "Nope. Are they really dirty words?" Tears started to appear at the
corners of his eyes as he looked hopefully at me. "No, they are not really dirty words, I was teasing. And yes, I will
teach you what they mean. How about tomorrow on our ride up to San
Antonio, it will give us something to talk about. But today I want to show
you illegal teens girls porn some things around here. And maybe later, go swimming?" The smile came back in a flash. "Can we?" "Yep. Come on, let me show you the ranch. Go put some shoes on." He was off in a flash, and just kotrean teen porn like that, back with sneakers in hand.
He sat in the chair and lifted a leg to pull on the shoe, and I saw that he
had neglected to put on shorts as told. But I didn't want to let on that I
was looking at his crotch so I decided not to say anything about it. "On
second thought, put on some long pants too." "What for?" "You'll see." Off he went again, and soon teen porn search engine returned wearing jeans. Once he had his sneaks on, I moved to the back door and held my arm out
in hardcore teen porn pic tiny teen topanga pussy
invitation. He quickly moved next to me and I laid my arm across his
shoulders. He looked up at me and smiled, then put his arm around my
waist. And together we walked out the door. And that was how we stayed, moving from building to building as aI
showed him around the ranch proper. We hit the horse barn, cow barn, hay
shed, bunk house (empty), and a couple of tool sheds. "So what's the big building over there on the other side of the house?" "Let's go look. I think you'll like that one." "I like them all. This stuff is neat. I've never really seen a ranch
before." "It looks a lot different when people are actually working. They will
all be here Monday." We walked up to the outside of the building he asked about. It was a
big cinder block with a line of windows just under the roof line, about
twelve feet from the ground. I fished the key out of my pocket and opened
the door. free nude teen thumbs As soon as the dorrs was opened the unmistakable smell of humid
chlorine was evident. Donny's eyes got a big, and a grin split his face. "Oh, cool. An indoor pool." "Olympic size. Come on." We went into the small reception room that was lined with wooden
benches and illegal teens girls porn
hooks along the wall. A shelf filled with white terry cloth
towels was just to the right of the door. Two doors led off to the
interior. I led Donny to the door on the right. "Here's the showers." Three shower heads on each side of the room
poked out of the walls, with more hooks and soap dishes mounted near each.
Immediately to the left was another door. We went though it to the pool. "Wow. This is just as big as the one at school." "Yep, so you should get good practice in here before the season starts
again next year." Donny turned and hugged my waist. free teen farm porn
"This is soo cool. So can we go
now?" "Wait. I have more to show you. Don't worry, we will have plenty of
time to swim." We left the building and I started over to the shed that Donny took
shelter in the night before. It sure didn't seem like less than
twenty-fours ago that I had found his frozen body hiding from the storm. "Let's go for a ride." I rolled the ATV out and Donny's eyes just
bugged. "Really? On that?" "Yep. Let me get it warmed up." I kicked the motor to life and waited
until the exhaust stopped sputtering, then climbed on. "Come on." and
reached out to help him sit behind me. "Hold on tight." and he wrapped his
arms around me. His grip tighted drastically when I goosed the accelerator
and popped the clutch, bringing the front wheels a couple inches off the
ground. Even over the growl of the engine I could here the joyous laughter
from behind me. We spent the next hour or so sailing around the various pastures
surrounding the ranch. "This is all yours?" "Sure is. Lots of room to play, huh?" amozing teen porn galleries "Yeah" was the enthusiastic reply. "Had enough?" as I pulled up in front of the pool building. "For today. Can we go swimming now?" "That's why I stopped here." Donny started towards the house. "Where you going?" "To get my suit." "Rule number four, no suits in my swimming pool." The grin was brighter that the sun. "Cool." He was in the changing
room in a flash, and before I got in there, already had his shoes and shirt
off. "Hurry up, old man. Let's go swimming." "Shower before and after. You know the drill." Before I could even get sat down to take off my shoes, a dimpled pair
of white cheeks disappeared into the shower room. I followed a quickly as
I could, but the shower room was empty by the time I got there, and I heard
the splash in the pool. So I quickly rinsed off, then ran through the door
and made a clean, shallow dive into the warm water. Donny was half down
one of the lanes, but suddenly turned and dove under the water. I could
see him coming but expected him to surface before he reached me. But he
came right up to my legs, then reached up and grabbed my dick, using it as
leverage to pull himself up into my chest. He relased his hold on my
appendage and grabbed me around the neck. "This is so cool." he gasped. His legs clenched my waist and he
started to grind his now hard pole into my stomach. "I though you wanted to swim." I quickly grabbed him under the arms
and threw him back into the pool. Donny came up coughing and laughing at the same time. "Aw, you're no
fun. Bet you can't catch me." And with that he turned and took off,
cutting through the curious teen porn water like he was born to it. But I had not let the
pool just sit idle in the six months I had lived on the ranch, so I figured
I should have no trouble catching a fourteen year old. Wrong! So I set off in my futile chase, little knowing that there was an
ulterior motive hatching in that fourteen year old mind for this game of
cat and mouse.TBC...

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